We do costing based on a meticulous process to precisely determine the cost of the service by matching the expenses direct and indirect , to each task performed in the treatment process by adopting double or triple apportionments as demanded.

  • Service line Costing
  • Procedure Costing
  • Facility Costing
  • Equipment Costing
  • Pricing
  • Packaging

Both the providers and payers need to understand the cost of providing services

  • to manage the cost
  • to compete in the market
  • to negotiate with the stakeholder
  • to eliminate waste and unprofitable services

Every stakeholder involved in healthcare has the opportunity to benefit from the volumes and volumes of data stored across their system. We collect, clean, arrange and analyze to make your data in to actionable insights in the form of user friendly dashboards. Analytics driven organization can reduce costs, improve patient care and satisfaction through improved process and improve your bottom-line. and top line through analytics led strategies.

  • Service line analytics
  • Utilization Analytics
  • Clinical outcome analytics
  • Revenue cycle analytics
  • Payer Analytics
  • Market Analytics

Clinical practice management requires to deal with variety of issues in the coming years with regard to governance, informed customers, technology, finance ,administrative, legal and more.

We support you through the process with Customer relations, information management , quality, safety, branding, technology,purchase, finance and knowledge updates.

The healthcare industry has coexistence of challenges and opportunities for enhancing efficiencies, and reducing costs. We work on the cost management to bring in sustainable cost reduction, improve process and enhance utilization.

Our focus is to help you use costing , analytics and internal capabilities to generate the capital capacity needed to support your strategic priorities.

Matumcost® team brings in a tailored approach in training for both onsite and offsite as per demand.